Etanomics energy concepts provide integrated solutions

Etanomics provide end to end solutions that offer the most return on investment in terms of energy efficiency. When developing pioneering energy concepts, Etanomics treats consultation, planning, and realization as an inseparable whole.

In practice, this means that Etanomics always provides end to end solutions from one source, including analysis, conceptualization, and realization. They also conduct monitoring and evaluation of all measures taken, which is important in gaining valuable insight for determining the next steps. 

All Etanomics energy concepts focus on linking the functions of each technical solution into one seamless system. All the components used are nonproprietary, with priority given to those that are readily available. Our customers, therefore, receive integrated, energy-efficient, and cost-effective technical concepts optimized for buildings and manufacturing plants.

Etanomics develops energy concepts for the future 

Every concept starts with the quantification, description, and analysis of the actual situation. At the same time, a material flow analysis provides the basis for all measures. It represents the energy relations over the whole value chain as structured and quantified values, which reveals the dependencies between energy purchases, energy generation, and the product.