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Vitocell 140-E

Heating water buffer cylinder

Heating water buffer cylinder with connection for solar collectors, cylinder capacity: 400, 600, 750 and 950 litres

Versatile in application
Low heat losses
Pump station for the solar collector circuit
Vitotrans 353 freshwater module

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Versatile in application

Particularly suitable for solar thermal systems, heat pumps and solid fuel boilers

Low heat losses

Through highly efficient all-round thermal insulation

Pump station for the solar collector circuit

For easy mounting on the cylinder as an accessory (included in standard delivery with 400 litre capacity)

Vitotrans 353 freshwater module

For hygienic DHW heating according to the instantaneous water heating principle

Suitable for systems with multiple heat generators

Through multiple flow and return connections plus additional connections for measuring points

Vitotrans 353 can also be installed on the cylinder

Available as an accessory

Vitocell 140-E: versatile combinable buffer cylinder

For storing heating water in conjunction with solar thermal systems, heat pumps and solid fuel boilers. With internal indirect coil for connection to solar collectors. Version to DIN 4753.

Product details

Cylinder capacity
  • Type SEIA: 140 litres
  • Type SEIC: 600, 750 and 950 litres
Product cross-section Vitocell 140-E type SEIC (750 litres)
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