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Vitowell Series

Electric Storage and Instant Water Heaters

Outstanding design and quality from Viessmann for safe, precise and durable household water heating.

Vitowell  electric water heaters take household water heating to a whole new level in terms of durability, safety and heating precision. You can choose between instant and storage water heaters with capacities ranging from 15 to 30 litres.

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Precise heating

When using hot water in your bathroom or kitchen, you want to be sure about the right temperature. With the help of sophisticated temperature controls , Vitowell electric water heaters provide exactly the warmth that you need. Enjoy just the right water temperature, using the Classic and Premium instant and storage water heaters' precise temperature regulation with stepless adjustment. Both the Deluxe instant and storage water heaters have a digital soft touch display that allows for precise temperature setting.

High quality and durability

Water heaters are an important investment in your household. In line with our high-quality approach, Viessmann's water heaters use ABS casing which is highly durable and good impact and abrasion resistance. Equipped with Viessmann's Ceratech Technology® protective enamel coating formula, storage water heaters also guarantee corrosion resistance of the water tank interior, extending the durability.

Vitowell comfort storage water heaters: for long-lasting showering comfort

Vitowell comfort Deluxe Cube

Vitowell comfort storage water heaters are unbeatable in terms of durability and safety. All of our water heaters are made of the finest ABS casing with thick PU insulation layer engineered for very long heat preservation even after heater turned off, making it energy saving and extended showering comfort. Our products are developed to the highest quality and comply with EU standards for health, safety, and environmental protection. Vitowell comfort storage water heaters are equipped with an enamel coating formula with Ceratech technology® that is  highly resistant to corrosion and offers an extended water tank life.

They have double-safety thermostats for overheating protection and safety in temperature control. Additional features in the comfort Deluxe storage water heaters like digital soft touch display and electronic timer mode allows for convenience and precise temperature control.

Viessmann adopts the exclusive Ceratech Technology® enamel coating formula to extend the durability of its water tanks. The anti-corrosion function performed by the internal water tank ceramic layer has been developed with decades of expertise and continuous improvement of materials and applied technology. The ceramic layer has a particularly high density and a perfectly smooth surface, undergoing a 100% quality check off the production line. Acid corrosion resistance, alkaline resistance, temperature and pressure resistance - all these technical characteristics are in line with the latest German quality standards to guarantee a long-lasting durability of the heater at its core.  

Vitowell storage heaters come in 3 different capacities to suit households of different sizes and lifestyle needs. You may opt for 15L or 20L for a smaller household of 2 members. 30 litres units are suitable for a family with more than 2 members. If your household members shower frequently, consider installing storage water heaters with a bigger tank capacity.

As part of Viessmann, we have an obligation to deliver high-quality products. All of our water heaters are made of the finest ABS material. They meet both local and international standards (e.g. ISO, EU) for health, safety, and environmental protection and are developed as per strictest quality standards. This translates into high level precision, safety and durability in daily operation.

Vitowell easy electric instant water heaters: Perfectly tempered water. In the smallest space.

Vitowell easy Deluxe

Vitowell easy Instant water heaters are a great solution in any space that achieve top performance in spite of their amazingly compact size. Behind the user-friendly design lies genuine German craftsmanship.

All easy Instant water heaters have anti-scald protection with auto shut-off at 55°C for maximum protection of your family. Jet waterproof casings are in line with IP25 standard to protect against low water pressure jets from any direction.

The Vitowell easy Premium and easy Deluxe instant water heaters are equipped with a constant temperature technology to constantly supply showers with hot water at your desired temperature without fluctuations, no matter the changes of inlet water temperature or water flows. The Vitowell easy Rainshower Premium Set is equipped with an extremely reliable and innovative mechanical ELCB (earth-leakage circuit breaker) safety switch, guaranteeing safety against electrical hazards that reacts to any possible electrical leakage.

High quality standards for durability and safety

Viessmann's German heritage obliges us to offer products at highest quality standards. All our instant water heaters are made of high-quality ABS material. They are developed and designed as per strictest quality standards which translates into high level precision, safety and durability.

Overview of Vitowell range of storage water heaters

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