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Clean hot water systems: a custom combination of water purifiers and heaters

Are you looking for a complete and reliable system to provide clean and hot water at home? Viessmann offers the versatile Vitowell water heaters and innovative Vitopure water purifiers which are fully compatible with one another. Select your desired water purifiers from our full range and combine it with water heaters that best fit your apartment or house.

Viessmann offers unique systems that improve the overall quality and cleanliness of your hot water. For instance, if you are looking to improve the quality of water in the shower so that it is better for skin and hair, combining the Viessmann shower and faucet water purifier with your storage or instant water heater will filter away chlorine, sediments and heavy metals. Or, if water has been clogging the pipes and water devices at home, a central water heater could be the right add-on to your heaters. Discover some of the recommended heater-purifier combinations on this page, or visit the nearest store for more information.

Water heaters, pre-filtration and central purification

Enjoy enhanced cleanliness of your shower and household water by combining your  Vitowell electric water heater with a Vitopure S1 pre-filter and a Vitopure S2 or S5 central purifier. Not only will it increase the lifetime of the water heater, but it will also protect all the water-consuming devices at home.

Water heaters, water softening and water purification

Want maximum cleanliness for your shower and household water, and maximum protection for your water-consuming devices? The combination of any  Vitowell electric water heater with a Vitopure  S1 pre-filter and a Vitopure S2 or S5 central purifier and a Vitopure  S3 water softener should do the trick.

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