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Vitocell 100-W

DHW cylinder

DHW cylinder for installation below a wall mounted boiler, e.g. Vitodens 300-W, thus saving space, cylinder capacity: 120 and 150 litres

DHW heating with wall mounted appliances
Corrosion-protected cylinder
Additional cathodic protection
The entire water content is heated

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DHW heating with wall mounted appliances

Specially developed for connection to wall mounted appliances

Corrosion-protected cylinder

Steel with Ceraprotect enamel coating

Additional cathodic protection via magnesium anode

Impressed current anode available as an accessory

The entire water content is heated

Via indirect coil reaching down to the cylinder floor

Low heat losses

Thanks to highly effective all-round thermal insulation

Energy efficiency classes

Type CUGB-A (120/150 litres): A, type CUGB (120/150 litres): B

Vitocell 100-W DHW cylinder with a Vitodens 100-W wall mounted gas boiler

Vitocell  100-W – DHW cylinders for installation below wall mounted boilers

The  Vitocell 100-W is an affordably-priced DHW cylinder. In versions up to 150  litre capacity, it can be sited below the wall mounted boiler (e.g. the Vitodens 300-W gas condensing boiler), thus saving space. Together with the heat generator, it forms a visually and thermally optimal unit. Similar to all DHW cylinders, the  Vitocell 100-W also has highly effective all-round thermal insulation, thus preventing heat loss.

The  Vitocell 100 DHW cylinders with Ceraprotect enamel coating meet all requirements for convenient, economical DHW heating and are leaders among DHW cylinders with enamel coating. The Ceraprotect enamel coating provides the DHW cylinder with safe and lasting protection against corrosion.

Product details

Cylinder capacity
  • Type CUGB, 120 and 150  litres
  • Type CUGB-A, 120 and 150  litres
Energy efficiency class
  • Type CUGB: B
  • Type CUGB-A: A
Product cross-section Vitocell 100-W type CUGB-A (120/150 litres)
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