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Vitocal 250-AH

Hybrid heat pump

The Vitocal 250-AH is an air source heat pumps in monoblock design, prepared for hybrid operation with external heat generator up to 30 kW.

Rated heating output: 2.6 to 13.4 kW
Highly suitable for modernisation
Energy management system
Intuitive operation via app

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Highly suitable for modernisation

With 70 °C flow temperature (at an outside temperature down to -10 °C)

Climate Protect +++: Protects the environment and the climate

Environmentally responsible, natural refrigerant R290 (propane) with a particularly low GWP100 (Global Warming Potential) of 0.02


Reliable operation with high efficiency

Super Silent

Whisper-quiet operation means it can be placed anywhere on the property

Low running costs due to high efficiency

COP (coefficient of performance) to EN 14511: up to 5.3 (at A7/W35)

60% less space required

Compared to comparable models

Cooling function

Heating and cooling in one

Integrated energy management system

Ensures transparency in energy consumption and costs

ViCare app

For easy operation

Straightforward integration into the existing heating system

Including the existing heat generator

When it comes to retrofitting existing heating systems with free environmental energy, Viessmann has the right system: Vitocal 250-AH

Highly suitable for modernisation:  Vitocal 250-AH

The new generation of heat pumps

Reliable, compact and more environmentally responsible than ever – the new, innovative heat pump technology from Viessmann makes particularly efficient use of environmental energy for heating and cooling.  With a flow temperature of up to 70  °C, the  Vitocal 250-AH was specially developed for modernisation projects. Existing radiators can continue to be used. Underfloor heating is not essential. High energy efficiency, convenient control via app, sustainable operation and attractive design are all convincing features.

Works well in combination with existing heating systems

The  Vitocal 250-AH version is particularly suitable for supplementing an existing heating system. The heat pump provides the base load in that case. The boiler is only switched on at especially low temperatures.

Benefits of the Vitocal 250-AH

Climate Protect+++ protects the environment and the climate

The new heat pumps in the  Vitocal 25x series use the "green" refrigerant R290 (propane), which is considered particularly environmentally responsible with its very low GWP100 (Global Warming Potential) of 0.02.

The Climate Protect label is based on the TEWI (total equivalent warming impact) indicator, which identifies the lifecycle efficiency of the appliance and the global warming potential of the refrigerant used.

Eco Select –– switch between the most cost effective or the most sustainable operating mode

Hybrid units from Viessmann use Hybrid Pro Control®. This integrated energy manager controls the heating system according to external conditions such as the outside temperature or flow temperature, and to suit individual user settings.  These can be energy prices, the amount of self-generated power,  CO2 emissions or the heat demand. Users can select, for example, whether the appliance automatically uses the currently cheapest energy source in economy mode. Or whether it runs in ecological mode with the lowest CO2 emissions per kilowatt hour of heating energy generated.

OptiPerform –– reliable operation with maximum efficiency

The advanced heat pumps from Viessmann work with a patented hydraulic system. With Hydro AutoControl®, the heat pump is operated reliably and with maximum efficiency throughout its entire service life. The unique design not only ensures that your contractor can set up the heat pump with OptiPerform much faster and, therefore, more cost effectively. It also takes up much less space because it is up to 60  percent smaller than comparable systems.

Super Silent –– whisper-quiet in full and partial load operation

Viessmann heat pumps are among the quietest of their kind thanks to advanced acoustic design+, and include a sound-optimised fan. Combined with intelligent speed control, it significantly reduces airborne noise in both full and partial load operation. As a result, the outdoor unit can be installed even in densely built-up areas such as terraced housing or close to the property boundary.

Product details

Rated heating output (kW), operating point A7/W35 (to EN 14511)

Type 252.A10: 7.3  kW | type 252.A13: 8.1  kW

Coefficient of performance ε (COP) A7/W35

Type 252.A10: 5.3 | type 252.A13: 5.2

Energy efficiency ƞs*

Energy efficiency ƞs at W35 in %: Type 252.A10: 197 | type 252.A13: 181

*Heating performance data in line with Commission Regulation (EU) No  813/2013 under average climatic conditions for low temperature application (W35) and medium temperature application (W55)

Energy efficiency class, DHW heating


Application area

Detached/two-family house, modernisation


Heat pump control unit with 7  inch colour touchscreen, operation via ViCare app possible

DHW heating

Additional DHW cylinder required, resulting in a high level of DHW convenience.

Additional features

For room heating/cooling and DHW heating | Maximum flow temperature: 70  °C (at an outside temperature of down to -10  °C) | Monoblock indoor unit with heat pump control unit, high efficiency circulation pump for the secondary circuit, 4/3-way valve, safety assembly | Integral hybrid hydraulics and interfaces for controlling the external heat generator | Integral heating water buffer cylinder and overflow valve

Product cross-section, indoor unit
Product cross-section, outdoor unit
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