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ViCare app

Heating control via the app

Control your Viessmann heating system via the internet. Save time and energy.

Warmth and reassurance
Save costs when not at home
A direct line to your heating contractor
Intuitive operation via smartphone
Warranty extension to 5 years
Savings through smart components

Control your heating remotely with the Viessmann ViCare app

The Viessmann ViCare app offers you new ways of controlling your heating system via the internet. The design of the ViCare app's graphic interface has been kept simple, enabling completely intuitive heating system operation. This means more convenience and security, and also makes it possible to exploit potential for energy savings and thus reduce the carbon footprint of your home.

The ViCare app provides you with an overview of the current heating system status. This gives you peace of mind and helps you with planning. For example, you can program different switching times for each day to match your needs. The app also lets you activate Comfort mode, also known as Party mode. This extends the heating time, for example if you're planning a dinner party that will go on past your normal bedtime. Then there's the Economy mode quick select option. This lets you lower the room temperature when you're away from home for the day. Want to take a long hot bath? Just activate the "I want hot water" function.

Download the ViCare app

The ViCare app can be used in conjunction with a web-enabled Viessmann heating system or with the Vitoconnect communication module. You can obtain this from your heating contractor. Here you can download the ViCare app:

What functions does the app offer?

The ViCare app lets you operate and monitor your heating system. It can control up to three heating circuits. This is what the app lets you do:

View the status of the entire system at a glance and in real time
Preferred temperatures can be set for heating circuits or individual rooms
Set switching times for heating and DHW in just a few steps with the heating time assistant
Set the preferred DHW temperature
Display of gas and electricity consumption as well as solar yield
Show the current outside temperature
Show the temperatures over the last few days
ViCare Smart Climate devices enable temperature control of individual radiators or underfloor heating systems
Geofencing (optional) enables automatic, location-dependent control
Control the room temperature with Alexa voice assistant

Voice commands facilitate heating system control

Especially convenient: You control the functions easily by voice. That's because ViCare supports the Alexa voice assistant. If you have your hands full or are watching an exciting film and your smartphone is off, simply say how comfortable you want it to be.  

Benefit from the following advantages with the ViCare app

  • Green for go –– see at a glance whether everything is OK
  • Be informed about a pending service
  • Direct access to the address of the saved contractor
  • Straightforward, convenient operation of the heating system
  • Record your daily routine and automatically save energy costs
  • Set standard functions at the tap of a button on your smartphone
  • Simply enter the contact details of the contractor
  • Quick and effective assistance –– the contractor has all of the important information
  • All-inclusive carefree safety and maintenance package

ViCare Smart Climate solutions

Viessmann's ViCare Smart Climate solutions are the latest generation of devices for convenient individual room control. Components such as radiator and underfloor heating thermostats allow you to control your heating system even more precisely and help you save energy costs. Operating ViCare components is very simple. Once installed, the ViCare app is all that is needed to set the right temperature in every room.  This also works without a Viessmann heating system.  For detailed information on compatibility, please contact your trade partner.

On Top: Automatic hydronic balancing

If your heating system is not optimally adjusted, heat will be distributed unevenly in the building. In addition to affecting comfort, this will also impact the efficiency of the heating system. Hydronic balancing can help. This process, which is usually carried out manually by a heating system installer, increases energy efficiency by up to 15 percent. ViCare lets you utilise this potential even more easily. If you replace all conventional radiator and floor thermostats with ViCare ones and connect them to your heat generator, fully automatic balancing is possible. Since pre-adjustable thermostats are not required, hydronic balancing is also an option in modernisation projects.

Installing the ViCare app

If you have a new Viessmann heating system with integrated WiFi (One Base), you can download the ViCare app and connect it directly to your heating appliance. The app guides you step by step through the process of setting up your account. Older heating systems can work with Vitoconnect. The interface securely connects your heating system to the Viessmann Cloud so that you can control it via ViCare using your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

Download the ViCare app today

Would you like to be able to control your heating system more easily and make use of comprehensive potential savings? Download the ViCare app and connect it to your Viessmann heating system or smart ViCare components. You can download the app here and try out the demo version:

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