Vitocal DHW Heat Pump: designed for recirculation and outdoor air mode

For optimum operation of the heat pump and the additional heat source, the heat pump control unit selects the best economical or ecological operating mode automatically, maximizing the DHW convenience and energy-efficiency. The unit is pre-fitted, and its control is pre-set for straightforward commissioning. It also comes with a quick heat-up function and immersion heater.

The thermal energy from the supply air (recirculation air, outdoor air, or extract air) is used very efficiently and cost-effectively. The integral fan also enables a high airflow rate resulting in superior performance in the outdoor air mode.

Lower Energy Consumption

The Vitocal DHW heat pump unit controller has a separate connection for the cost-effective use of electricity. When enabled, the heat pump and the integral immersion heater (if applicable) are switched on for DHW heating applications.

Utilization of power generated on-site

For facilities with an array of solar panels, the power generated on-site can be used to operate the Vitocal DHW heat pump. The utilization of power generated on-site is enabled by switching a contact in the unit. If the contact is active for a pre-set period, the heat pump automatically starts. This takes priority over all other settings, including the economy mode where lower energy is consumed. For this, the DHW temperature is raised to the maximum achievable setting.