Vitosol 300-TM: vacuum tube collector

The Vitosol 300-TM high performance collector is one of the most efficient models on the market and is particularly recommended for use in restricted spaces. The absorber angle can be adjusted by +/-25° to deliver an exceptionally high yield, even when the sun is in less favourable positions.

The collector can be installed and used in any position and is designed for use on detached houses and apartment buildings. It features ThermProtect automatic temperature-dependent shutdown, which is activated if heat draw-off stagnates for a long period whilst there is a high level of insolation.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Highly efficient vacuum tube collector based on the heat pipe principle
  • ThermProtect automatic temperature-dependent shutdown for high operational reliability and protection against overheating
  • Long service life due to low stagnation temperatures and prevention of steam forming within the system
  • The absorber surfaces with highly selective coating, which are integrated into the vacuum tube, are not susceptible to contamination
  • Efficient heat transfer through condensers fully surrounded by the copper Duotec double pipe heat exchanger
  • Optimum alignment with the sun, thanks to uncomplicated absorber alignment
  • Dry connection, no contact between process medium and solar medium, i.e. individual tubes can be replaced whilst the system is fully charged
  • Dark blue collector casing and absorber surfaces form a visually seamless whole
  • Highly effective thermal insulation of the header casing for minimum thermal losses
  • Easy, quick installation with the Viessmann installation and connection systems

ESOP Online

ESOP Online provides you with a calculation program for solar thermal systems, which you can use to compare and contrast various product configurations and combinations and their cost effectiveness.

Once you have entered all the required parameters, ESOP calculates the standard values for the insolation energy and the resulting system yield, as well as the percentage of your total energy demand covered by the various different combination options.

Operational reliability with ThermProtect

The Vitosol 300-TM is currently the only collector on the market that can be installed horizontally (max. 3° tube incline) and includes ThermProtect automatic temperature-dependent shutdown. This prevents overheating of the collectors when no heat is drawn off and there is a high level of insulation.

The Vitosol 300-TM is therefore also suitable for buildings that are not in use all year round, such as residential buildings during holiday periods.


Exceptionally long service life

The Vitosol 300-TM is designed for an exceptionally long service life thanks to its high grade, corrosion-resistant materials, including glass, aluminium, copper and stainless steel. The absorber is an integral part of the vacuum tube. This provides protection from weather influences and contamination, ensuring high energy yields for years to come.

Maximum heat transfer with Duotec

The collector works according to the heat pipe principle, where the solar medium does not flow directly through the tubes. Instead, a process medium evaporates inside the heat pipe and transfers the absorbed heat through condensation to the solar medium via the Duotec double pipe heat exchanger. This method guarantees optimum heat transfer.


Quick, straightforward and safe installation

The above roof installation system with rafter anchors simplifies the task of securing the collectors. The rafter hooks and flanges are designed to be fixed directly onto the rafters, enabling the collectors to be perfectly integrated into any kind of roof covering. The two mounting rails also save additional time during installation.

In systems with multiple collectors, dark blue cover panels create a seamless visual transition between the collector casing and absorber surfaces. Retaining caps in the base rail, in the same colour as the casing, prevent the tubes from slipping.

Should a service be required, heat pipe tubes can be replaced quickly and easily without having to drain the system, due to their dry connection.

Vitosol 300-TM Specifications


Gross area
2.36 / 4.62 m²
Absorber area
1.51 / 3.03 m²
Collector type
Vacuum tube collectors
Collector housing and absorber compartments in dark blue give a uniform overall picture
Application range
Residential buildings, business, municipalities. New construction and modernisation
Can be used universally due to installation-independent mounting vertically or horizontally on roofs and on façades as well as for freestanding mounting
Additional features
For DHW heating, heating and swimming pool water via heat exchangers as well as process heat. By combining solar thermal energy with a heat generator, the energy efficiency class A + (as a composite cable) can usually be achieved for the heating system.