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CO₂ ticker: 500,000 tons saved per year!

The Viessmann CO₂ ticker shows our path to one hundred percent CO₂ neutrality. Accompany us on this path. See how many tons of CO₂ have been saved worldwide so far by Viessmann solutions in the field of heating, cooling and air conditioning technology. In 2020, it was 500,000 tons! The CO₂ clock is updated every second, just like a real clock.

CO₂ saved by Viessmann solutions in the current year in tons – worldwide:


Solutions from Viessmann

have already saved

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tons of CO2 this year

Our contribution on the way to the common future

"We create living spaces for generations to come" – our corporate purpose is not a nice-sounding advertising slogan, but an attitude that is lived by all members of the large global Viessmann family. Together, we achieved the goals of the German government's 2050 climate protection plan as early as 2012 by fundamentally converting our production processes – with marketable technology.

At the company's headquarters in Allendorf (Eder), Germany, 70 percent of the residential energy and industrial solutions are already produced using renewable energies. This makes it clear that climate protection is not a question of technology, but exclusively of will. And that every company, but also every single one of us, can do something!

But we are doing much more: climate-neutral sales offices, charging stations for electric vehicles at the plants, the option of bike leasing for employees, natural gas-powered trucks for delivering products – the list of our measures for environmental and climate protection is long.

CO2 ticker also shows your contribution

But every single buyer of our appliances also makes an important contribution. By choosing our products and using them, a total of 500,000 tons of carbon dioxide were saved in 2020. The CO₂ ticker shows in real time how much of the harmful climate gas has been saved in the current year through the use of Viessmann products. Nevertheless, the existing potential is still enormous: In Viessmann's home market, Germany, two thirds of all heating systems are outdated. They are the biggest energy guzzlers in private households, as an average of 84 percent of energy consumption in the home is spent on space heating and DHW heating.

Our ambitious goal: one hundred percent CO2 neutrality

At Viessmann, we have an ambitious goal - we are working towards one hundred percent CO₂ neutrality. Join us in preserving living spaces for future generations. Everyone can make their contribution!