VITOPURE drinking water purifiers: technology you can rely on

Viessmann water purifiers take water filtration to the next level. Our water filters are closed systems which prevent the entry of external contaminants before the filtration process even starts. Viessmann’s proficient filtration technology is using a broad variety of filter materials and techniques to clean water not only from sediments but also from heavy metals, viruses and bacteria.

Reliable filtration

VITOPURE filtration technology adopts different ways and filter combinations to guarantee that your home water is treated in the most efficient way. Viessmann is using different filters, like a highly absorbing activated carbon filter, a washable stainless steel mesh filter and the efficient KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) filter which even removes heavy metals and prevents virus or bacterial growth. VITOPURE drinking water filters offer a flow rate ranging from 1.2 liters per minute up to 5 m³ per hour.