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Steam boilers for industrial applications

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The energy efficient and clean provision of steam, along with high operational reliability and plant availability, are essential requirements for production facilities and industrial plants. Individual requirements for bespoke system solutions must be taken into account for boiler house concepts that meet demand. This requires expert advice, a comprehensive range of services, and products that ensure cost effective and futureproof steam generation.

Vast experience ensures superior quality

The design and configuration of Vitomax steam boilers make them best placed to fulfil these requirements. Thanks to the many features particular to Vitomax steam boilers, as well as our extensive experience in building large industrial/commercial boilers, we are able to ensure outstanding quality, consistently high levels of operational reliability and a long service life. Experts from our industrial/commercial boiler team work together with the customer and local partners to design a system that can operate with maximum efficiency whilst also being specifically tailored to the customer's needs.

Perfectly matching system technology

The comprehensive product range from Viessmann includes low and high pressure steam boilers up to 31.5 t/h, as well as waste heat boilers for high pressure steam. The range also includes everything required for a complete energy system, such as perfectly matching system technology for instrumentation and control, combustion systems, water treatment systems, feedwater tanks, flue systems, heat recovery systems and water analysis.

Viessmann industrial/commercial boiler technology is distinguished by its quality, efficiency, sustainability and service!

Up to 100 percent hydrogen

In chemical operations such as the manufacture of chlorine and other industrial processes, most of the hydrogen gas is not used and is released into the atmosphere. Vitomax  boilers, which can run on 100  percent hydrogen with an appropriate burner, offer a cost effective and efficient solution. At the same time a large amount of climate-damaging CO₂ is avoided.

Innovative design and production methods ensure high quality

Viessmann industrial/commercial boiler production takes place in Mittenwalde near Berlin. Our engineering specialists there guarantee individual advice and processing for every system. Alongside industrial/commercial boiler manufacture with advanced production systems, the facility has its own research and development department. Stresses are analysed using finite element calculation methods, for example, and pipe layouts and welded joints are optimised. This kind of research supports and ensures design in compliance with relevant regulations.

Viessmann production technology meets the requirements of all current country-specific rules and regulations. Furthermore, we have high standards for the materials used and their workmanship. In addition to regulations, welding employees must hold specific qualifications. We make agreements with suppliers to ensure tolerances and material properties are even more accurate than the minimum levels required by standards.

Low stress design for a long service life

The low stress, space saving construction of Viessmann industrial/commercial boilers, established right from the design phase, lays the foundations early on for the product's long service life. Special features, such as the optional wear-resistant burner entry point, subsequently contribute to savings during operation.

Stringent production and inspection processes

Automated production processes, avoidance of welding in constrained conditions and special weld seam preparations are just some examples of the care we take in our quest for the perfect product. The most stringent quality inspections throughout the entire manufacturing process ensure that every boiler reaches our high product quality standards. In accordance with country-specific regulations, weld seams undergo testing with ultrasound and X-ray methods, ruling out even the smallest defects. Viessmann's high level of environmental awareness and ongoing digitisation process play a role here, too. By utilising digital X-ray images, there is no need for the chemicals previously used to develop X-ray film. If necessary, the customer can access the images online.

Superior quality through selected suppliers

Viessmann only works with reputable manufacturers that meet high quality standards. This ensures consistently reliable quality for all system components.

Efficiency and sustainability

A perfectly matching product range is a prerequisite for efficient and economical system operation. Viessmann also places great importance on environmental responsibility and sustainability.

High efficiency

Viessmann industrial/commercial boilers can be equipped with integral or external heat exchangers in order to increase their efficiency. They utilise waste heat, which can be used to preheat freshwater or combustion air, for example. Thermal equipment, from mixing coolers and TDS expanders through to vapour coolers, convert waste heat into usable energy for the system. This reduces fuel costs and protects the environment.

Intelligent control units help each system to operate viably and efficiently through networking and system management. Analysis and evaluation of measured values and consumption figures provide maximum assurance of optimum and efficient operation.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable

Low NOx burner for particularly low emissions

Vitomax  HS  high pressure steam boilers meet all the requirements for clean combustion. In gas operation, NOx emissions are less than 70  mg/Nm³; in oil operation, less than 150  mg/Nm³. Efficient combinations of boilers and different burner makes can be optimised even further by using O₂ and speed controllers.

Even the combustion of up to 100  % hydrogen is no problem for our Vitomax  HS –– meaning that other greenhouse gases, such as CO₂, can be reduced.

Early consultation and reliable service

Investment in an industrial/commercial boiler is usually part of a larger project, such as the construction of a new boiler house or to enable uninterrupted operation during modernisation measures when replacing a boiler. No matter the situation, Viessmann experts are on hand to provide the help needed for design and scheduling at an early stage.

Identifying and meeting customer needs

The vast experience of our engineering and sales teams is key to identifying necessary measures and designing a system that is right for the customer. Professional support at every stage of the project is a given. This results in tailor-made solutions achieved using modular products and the right selection of suitable additional functions and equipment.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority!

Even after commissioning, Viessmann provides round-the-clock assistance, whether in the form of remote access, or a visit from our own service engineers. Customer satisfaction is our top priority!

Extensive logistical expertise is needed to transport a Vitomax boiler.

Steam boilers

Viessmann's comprehensive range of products and services includes low and high pressure steam boilers up to 31.5 t/h, waste heat boilers for high pressure steam, and powerful steam boiler systems up to 70 t/h. The range also includes everything required for a complete energy system, such as perfectly matching system technology for instrumentation and control, combustion systems, water treatment systems, feedwater tanks, flue systems, heat recovery systems and water analysis.

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