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Vitovent 200-C

Central mechanical ventilation

The Vitovent 200-C is a central mechanical ventilation system for convenient ventilation of living spaces up to 120 m².

Air flow rate: up to 200 m³/h
Heat recovery up to 95 %
Savings on energy costs
Compact ventilation unit

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Reduction of heating costs

Through heat recovery from the extract air

Heat recovery

Up to 95 %

Compact ventilation unit

For wall or ceiling installation in recesses or suspended ceilings

Ventilated living space

Approx. 60 to 120 m²

Low overall height

From only 30 cm

Constant flow rate and balance control

Maintain a constant flow, independent of static pressure

Fast, simple adjustment of flow rates

About the programming unit

Economical DC motors

With constant flow rate and balance control for continuous air exchange

Passive cooling function

Via integrated summer bypass

Reliable moisture protection

And high indoor air quality

Unit helps to meet requirements specified by national building efficiency guidelines

Through heat recovery

Low dust generation

Through filtered air

Optional pollen filtering

Beneficial for allergy sufferers

Vitovent  200-C: Central, ceiling mounted mechanical ventilation system for modernisation

The  Vitovent 200-C is a compact and affordable mechanical ventilation unit for flats in apartment buildings, separate annexes and existing buildings.

The unit has a maximum air flow rate of 200  m3/h and is capable of ventilating living areas of up to 120  m2 quite comfortably.

Product features

The installed height of the  Vitovent 200-C is only 30  centimetres. The fully wired unit is easily concealed in a suspended ceiling. A hallway is an ideal location for the unit. This is because compact supply and extract air ducts, which have been tailored especially to this system, can be routed unobtrusively to the rooms leading off the hallway. A cupboard in the bathroom or in the kitchen is also a suitable alternative if the unit is installed using a vertical bracket. With a specific weight of just 18  kg and integral fixing rails, the  Vitovent 200-C is quick to install.

The  Vitovent 200-C ventilation unit utilises up to 95  percent of the latent heat in extract air, warming the cool outdoor air with the assistance of a cross-countercurrent heat exchanger. This saves energy and reduces heating costs all year round.

The  Vitovent 200-C has an integral smart frost detector to prevent so much ice forming on the heat exchanger that it can no longer function. To minimise energy consumption, the  Vitovent 200-C continually monitors ice formation on the heat exchanger and delays defrosting for as long as possible. This reduces the defrost intervals, especially during spring and autumn, saving energy and money.

A bypass circuit for the warmer months of the year is integrated as standard. With this circuit, fresh, cool supply air bypasses the heat exchanger and is routed directly into the interior.

Even with increasing filter contamination, adequate ventilation is ensured. To achieve this, the ventilation unit continuously regulates the flow rate to maintain a consistently high volume of air. An automatic indication shows when a filter change is necessary; this can be carried out by system users themselves.

Although this compact unit already operates very quietly, additional insulation measures can be implemented depending on the intended installation site. Matching system accessories include a silenced distributor for integration into the unit as well as outdoor and exhaust air silencers.

The  Vitovent 200-C mechanical ventilation system also allows allergy sufferers to breathe more easily. A filtration system, featuring an optional pollen filter, cleans the supply air of allergens and noxious substances, thereby creating an irritant-free indoor environment.

Easy operation

The  Vitovent 200-C can be operated by three different options:

  1. Ventilation programming unit, type LB1 (convenient with graphic display)
  2. Step switch (simple, unobtrusive)
  3. Via the Vitotronic  200 (WO1C) heat pump control unit.

Integral fault and service signalling

A readable fault signal contact is included on every unit as standard for centralised operation monitoring.

Ventilation programming unit, type LB1

Product details

Air flow rate

Up to 200  m3/h

Energy efficiency class*

Manual control: A or B, depending on type | Time control: A or B, depending on type | Central demand control: A | *In accordance with Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No  1254/2014

Heat recovery

Depending on type up to 95  %

Application area

Apartments, living space up to approx. 120  m2 | New build and modernisation projects

Installation type

Wall or ceiling mounting

Additional features

Step switch for straightforward operation. Passive cooling by means of an automatic summer bypass. Integral preheating coil for frost protection and efficient heat recovery all year round. Certified according to the criteria of the Passive House Institute (PHI).

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