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Vitomax RW

Waste heat boiler for hot water generation

The Vitomax RW is a waste heat boiler generates hot water with the help of hot flue gases from combustion processes.

Use of process and waste heat
Reduction of running costs
Flexible applications
H2 ready 100 %

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Use of process and waste heat

As a "waste product" from industrial processes or hot flue gases

Reduction of running costs

Through saving fossil fuels

Flexible applications

Thanks to individual design

H2 ready

Operation with up to 100 % hydrogen

Vitomax  RW waste heat boiler for hot water generation

Viessmann waste heat boilers are designed according to the flame tube:smoke tube principle. Hot flue gas is routed through pipe bundles, where the heat is transferred to the water inside the boiler body.

To minimise radiation losses, this waste heat boiler is fitted with thermal insulation and a metallic casing. As with all  Vitomax boilers, a boiler support spreads the load evenly across a large floor area.

Hydrogen up to 100  percent

In chemical operations such as the manufacture of chlorine and other  industrial processes, most of the hydrogen gas  is not used and is released into the atmosphere.  Vitomax boilers, which can run on 100  percent hydrogen with an appropriate burner, offer a cost effective and efficient solution. At the same time a large amount of climate-damaging CO2 emissions is avoided.

How waste heat boilers work

Waste heat boilers utilise the heat from flue gases generated during combustion processes or hot exhaust air from industrial processes to generate hot water.

With or without auxiliary combustion

Waste heat boilers without auxiliary combustion equipment use only flue gas/exhaust air to generate hot water. Waste heat boilers with combustion equipment are conventional boilers with a burner and waste heat utilisation.

Customer-specific requirements dictate the choice of version.

Waste heat boiler with additional combustion

Conventional Vitomax LW  /  Vitomax HW  with additional waste heat flues

All fired  Vitomax RW boilers are suitable for the combustion of up to 100  % hydrogen, subject to compliance with our general conditions for the use of H2.

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