Safe and durable water heaters and purifiers for your home

Safety and durability characterize all Viessmann water solutions products, no matter if it is water softeners, purifiers or heaters. Based upon our deep understanding of engineering and technology, we designed extremely precise applications which meet EU standards for health, safety, and environmental protection. The outcome: water solutions that are safe and easy to use, reduce energy consumption, and increase the comfort at your home.


Safe, durable and precise water heaters

When it comes to water heaters, VITOWELL is a comprehensive portfolio for both storage and instant water heaters at your home. VITOWELL comfort storage water heaters are not only available at small capacities ranging from 15 to 30 liters. VITOWELL easy instant water heaters are a great solution in any space and achieve top performance in spite of their amazingly compact size.

Innovative water purification – for a more ecological future

The truth is: For more than 630 million people in South East Asia, clean water has been pushed out of reach. Pollution, industry, and population growth has contaminated the water through the region. As a result, we depend on bottled water which in turn increases the use of plastics. Elaborating on sophisticated filtering technology, Viessmann is offering water purifiers and softeners which enable you to contribute to a more ecological future. 


Durable household appliances, better skin and drinkable tap water

Viessmann VITOPURE water filters and softeners significantly improve the quality of your tap water. This is not only extending the life of water-consuming household appliances; it also increases the cleanliness of food and refines your skin and hair. However, at Viessmann we even go one step further: our VITOPURE S4 series is specifically designed to make tap water drinkable. Read more about our filter technology to understand how it works.

Integrated offering for water heating and purification

Those looking for comprehensive water solutions will find an answer at Viessmann. All Viessmann water heaters can be combined with purifiers and softeners. This is how you will get a fully integrated water system for superior levels of hygiene and comfort for the whole family.