VITOWELL easy Rainshower Premium Set: a shower experience like no other

A high-end duo shower system that comes with high performance rain shower and classic multi-spray shower head, the VITOWELL easy Rainshower Premium Set offers peace of mind and unbeatable comfort in the shower.

Main highlights:

  • DC water pump to boost an even higher water comfort with quiet operation
  • Peace of mind with mechanical ELCB safety switch
  • High-end duo shower system with high performance rain shower
  • Unbeatable comfort with classic multi-spray shower head combined with rain shower experience

Water heater highlights:

  • Anti-scalding protection with auto shut-off at 55°C
  • Protects against low pressure water jets from any direction
  • High durability and longer lifespan with ABS casing
  • Controlled temperature system toprovide constant temperature no matter the changes of inlet water temperature or water flows
  • Colour intensity of LED ring changes with the temperature setting to provide visual contrast on the hotness

VITOWELL easy Premium: shower comfort with digital assistance

Equipped with an electronically controlled temperature system, enjoy a constant temperature in your shower, no matter what the change in the inlet water temperature may be. The precise mechanism of temperature setting is aided by a visual LED assistance.

Technical data

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Category Details
Power 3.3kW
Voltage 220-240V
Water Connection G1/2”
Weight without pump 1.7 kg
Weight with pump 2.4 kg

Dimensions of the Rainshower

A (mm) 880 - 1120
B (mm) 642
C (mm) 435
D (mm) ø204


This image shows the dimensions of the rainshower.