VITOPURE S6: for better personal hygiene

The Viessmann shower head filter S6-H and the tap water filter S6-T are designed to filter sediments and chlorine before the water makes contact with your skin. The efficient compound filter also removes unpleasant odor and color, thus ensuring hygienic and clean sanitation. The device can be easily self-installed and maintained and provides a flow-rate of 5 m3 per hour.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Eliminates sediments, chlorine, odor and color, thus protecting your skin and hair
  • Activated carbon filter and coconut shell activated carbon filter for effective filtration
  • Can be combined with other water purifiers

Coconut shell activated carbon filter

Compound filters consist of a combination of two or more filter materials enclosed in a single structure, providing more filtration benefits in a compact shape. S6 shower and tap filters are equipped with a coconut shell activated carbon filter.

Skin and hair protection

Protect and nourish your skin and hair with the VITOPURE S6-H shower head which is equipped with two-steps filtration for hygienic showering. An Activated Carbon Fiber (ACF) filter is integrated into the head to absorb sediments, color and odor. With the gradual release of vitamin C, residual chlorine will be removed effectively.


Activated carbon filter

Carbon is made from a number of materials like wood, coal, or coconut shell. The activation of carbon occurs at high heat, creating a large area for absorption - this is how contaminants can be eliminated. The filter therefore removes odor and residual chlorine effectively.

Excellent performance

Due to its intelligent design, the shower head brings extraordinary shower comfort while saving water. The high density of 300, extremely small micro-holes (0.3 mm diameter) assures pressurized, high-speed water flow. At the same time, the 0.7 MPa spray pressure leads to water saving of around 20%.



Check the dimensions of VITOPURE S6 in the following overview.

Technical Data

  S6-T S6-H
Flow rate 5 m3 per hour --
Working pressure 0.1-1.6 MPa 0.15-0.65 MPa
Inlet/outlet connection  DN 20
Working temperature 1-39 °C 1-50 °C


  S6-T S6-H
Sediments Yes
Chlorine Yes
Calcium --
Virus/bacteria -- Yes
Heavy metals --
Odor neutralization Yes
Color neutralization Yes