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Vitoconnect 100 type OPTO1

Communication interface

Communication interface for remote monitoring and remote control of heating systems

Interface between boiler and apps
For Vitotronic control units with an Optolink interface
Operation and remote maintenance via app
Comprehensive security concept

Vitocom  100 (type OPTO1) communication module

Vitoconnect 100 is the interface between the boiler and the app for heating system operation and remote maintenance via ViGuide. It is connected directly to the Vitotronic control unit via a cable.

The Vitoconnect  100 uses a comprehensive security concept that has successfully passed the VDE Smart  Home information security test.

  • WiFi module for connection to the DSL router, for wall mounting
  • Power cable with plug-in power supply unit (1  m long)
  • Connecting cable with Optolink connection/WiFi module/boiler control unit (3  m long)
  • Via Optolink interface with the boiler control unit
  • Via WiFi with the DSL router
  • Plug-in power supply unit (230  V / 50  Hz)
  • Connecting cable for WiFi module/Optolink connection
  • WiFi communication for connection to the internet

Control units for wall mounted or storage combi boilers

  • Vitotronic  200, types HO1, HO1A, HO1B, HO1D, HO2B, HO2C
  • Vitotronic 200 RF, types HO1C, HO1E

Control units for floorstanding boilers

  • Vitotronic 200, type KO1B, KO2B, KW6, KW6A, KW6B, KW1, KW2, KW4, KW5
  • Vitotronic 300, type KW3

Control units for heat pumps and hybrid appliances

  • Vitotronic 200, types WO1A, WO1B and WO1C

Control units for solid fuel boilers

  • Vitoligno  300-C with Ecotronic and software version  2.12 or higher
  • Vitoligno  200-S with Ecotronic and software version  2.04 or higher
  • Vitoligno  250-S with Ecotronic and software version  2.00 or higher
  • Vitoligno 300-P with Vitotronic 200 FO1
  • Vitoligno 300-S
  • Port 443 (HTTPS) and port 123 (NTP) must be open
  • The MAC address is printed on the device label
  • Before commissioning, check the system requirements for communication via the local IP / WiFi network.
  • For operating the Vitoconnect  100, an available internet connection with flat rate data (no time or volume restrictions) is required.

Source codes of the Open Source components

Version 1.2.2

  • Improving the connection to some Vitocal appliances
  • If an incorrect password is entered after the WiFi password has been changed, the Vitoconnect reopens the access point after 30 seconds to allow the password to be re-entered

Version 1.2.4

  • General improvements

Version 1.3.1

  • Bug fixes

Version 1.3.3

  • Fix for WPA2 KRACK WiFi attack

Version 1.4.0

  • General improvements

Version 2.6.0

  • Update to new back-end

Vitoconnect OT

If your heat generator does not have an Optolink interface (circled in red on the illustration) and supports the OpenTherm standard, you will need the Vitoconnect OT.

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