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Vitotrol 300-E

Remote control

Wireless remote control with built-in low power radio transmitter for controlling heating systems.

With backlit graphic display
Intuitive colour-coded user navigation
Set room temperatures of different operating modes
Convenience functions such as holiday program

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Vitotrol 300-E remote control

Wireless Vitotrol 300-E remote control

The Vitotrol 300-E is a high quality wireless remote control for operating the heating system that can be installed in any living space. It communicates with the heating appliance through low power radio.

  • Setting of set room temperatures in various operating modes (Comfort, Normal & Reduced) for one, two, three or up to four heating circuits
  • With convenience functions such as holiday program/holiday at home program
  • With backlit graphic display for indication of outside temperature, room temperature & room air humidity
  • With intuitive colour-coded user navigation (Lightguide)
  • With encrypted 2.4  GHz low power radio connection
  • With optional 2.4  GHz WiFi connection for automatic software updates
  • Wall mounted Vitotrol  300-E for connection to the heating system
  • Plug-in power supply unit, 5  V (white)
  • Can be ordered separately: Flush mounted power supply unit, 12  V (not included in the standard delivery)
  • With the boiler via low power radio connection
  • Via WiFi with the DSL router (via heating appliance)
  • Micro USB port for 5  V plug-in power supply unit (white)
  • Threaded fitting for flush mounted power supply unit (can be ordered separately)
  • Do not use more than one Vitotrol 300-E per heat generator: Not in conjunction with hardwired remote control units

Viessmann wall mounted gas condensing boilers

  • Vitodens  300-W  (types B3HE & B3HF)
  • Vitodens  333-F  (types B3TE & B3TF)
  • Vitodens  343-F  (types B3UE & B3UF)
  • Vitodens  200-W  (types B2HE & B3KE)
  • Vitodens  222-W  (type B2LE)
  • Vitodens  222-F (types B2TE & B2SE)
  • Vitodens  242-F (type B3UE)  

Viessmann fuel cell heating appliances

  • Vitovalor PT2


  • For the Vitotrol 300-E, we recommend connecting the boiler to the internet so that regular software updates can be automatically uploaded to the Vitotrol 300-E.
  • Heating appliances made before October 2018 must be connected to the internet at least once during installation so that the built-in low power radio module can be activated (see the commissioning instructions enclosed in the delivery package).
  • To increase the range of the radio signal, only the following repeaters can be used:
    - Viessmann ViCare Repeater for surface mounting (Order number: ZK05390)
    - Repeater for flush-mounted installation (Order number: ZK05462)
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